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Live in Miles Platting and Newton Heath?


Community: Miles Platting and Newton Heath

Welcome to the Miles Platting and Newton Heath neighbourhood hub. Here you can find out more about what’s happening in your local area and how to get involved.

Want to join the people of Newton Heath who are growing together?

Because when we sow seeds, it’s more than a plant that grows.  

Growing plants with other people not only creates better outdoor spaces for us to enjoy. We grow new connections in the community, we save money on fruit and veg, we protect local wildlife, and we create neighbourhood to be proud of.   

Meet the Newton Heath locals who are growing together 

Over the past few months, eight beginner gardeners in Newton Heath teamed up with five gardening enthusiasts to help them get growing at home, regardless of their skills or space.  With the help of social enterprise Sow The City, the beginners and enthusiasts have improved their skills, made new friends, and helped make Newton Heath a greener, wilder place to live.  

“We wanted somewhere to grow plants and attract wildlife. It’s great having a team of people that give you the oomph to do it, and the know-how too. You feel like you’ve really achieved something, you’re not just sat in the house. It’s your space and you’re making it better.” - James (beginner) 

"It was a privilege and a joy to share my love of gardening with others and to see them enthusiastically transform their own garden space. This project is an excellent and low-cost way to share skills and transform gardens into beautiful, wildlife-rich zones." - Pauline (enthusiast) 

Grow with us

Whether you want to spruce up your space at home, or you’d prefer to get growing in the neighbourhood, you never have to grow it alone. Join the community of growers in Newton Heath! 


Join the online community 

We’ve created an online space for residents in Newton Heath to share growing tips, gardening progress updates, resources, and skills.  

Click here to access our Facebook group and join the club

Get involved with the community garden  

We’ve teamed up with Winning Hearts & Minds and Sow the City to open Newton Heath’s first community garden in the grounds of Newton Heath Cricket Club on Mabel Street. 

The garden is a place where everyone can learn and grow together, with a bunch of exciting events and activities coming up! Be sure to join the Facebook group to find out about all the latest opportunities to get involved.   

How to get involved 

Share the programme with your neighbours and have your say on what you want to see in your community.

Join in with our new, Creative Climate Resilience project – Let’s talk about climate change through community-based performance and art! Find out more here.

We've invited residents in Miles Platting and Newton Heath to join their local community group that will be supported to plan and deliver projects together. Stay up to date with the community group here.

What would you like to see in your community?

Share your ideas for actions to tackle the climate crisis in your area using the community map below - click ‘have your say’, drop the pin in the location you’d like to add a suggestion to and share your idea.

Don’t live in Miles Platting & Newton Heath?

There are still plenty of ways you can get involved in the programme. Click here to find out more https://twitter.com/MCCMPandNH?s=09.