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Live in Hulme?


Community: Hulme

Welcome to the Hulme community hub. Here you can find out more about what’s happening in your local area and how to get involved.

The Nature of Hulme

Hulme is a unique part of the City where residents from communities such as Aquarius and St Georges have delivered projects to help make their local environment more sustainable. Local organisations, educational establishments and Housing Providers form a strong partnership and support residents to make local improvements needed to tackle climate change. To find out how you can get involved in existing Projects in your neighbourhood email pauline.campbell@manchester.gov.uk.

We've invited residents in Hulme to join their local community group that will be supported to plan and deliver projects together. Stay up to date with the community group here.

What would you like to see in your community?

Share your ideas for actions to tackle the climate crisis in your area using the community map below - click ‘have your say’, drop the pin in the location you’d like to add a suggestion to and share your idea.

Don’t live in Hulme?

There are still plenty of ways you can get involved in the programme. Click here to find out more.