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Want to get paid £100 cash to have fun, save money and improve your cooking skills?

Calling all football fans! We've extended our deadline to join Manchester is Green!

We're looking for people who love football and food, to take part in 3 weeks of fun, footie-themed food challenges and competitions starting on the 29th April - and in return you'll get £100 in cash and the change to win loads of fun prizes.

As part of Manchester is Green you'll be added to a Facebook group where you'll ⁠get gentle coaching from us alongside tips, inspiration, and expert advice on plant-powered eating, wasting less food and cooking from scratch.

Want to get involved? Signing up is easy.

All you will need to do is fill in this survey and we'll send you all the info -

See you at kick off on 29th April! 😎

Posted on 1st April 2022

by Lizzie Murray-Clark