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Thank you for visiting the #InOurNature pop-up shop!

We've loved welcoming you into the #InOurNature pop-up shop over the past week. We had over a 1000 people from across Manchester step in and tune out to the sounds of Manchester's nature. We hope you enjoyed the experience and benefited from spending time in this mini oasis.

Thank you to all of the In Our Nature volunteers and everyone who took a free plant to bring a bit of nature home.

We'll be giving away the larger plants and trees to community groups across Manchester, so we'll keep you updated on how those have been growing throughout the year. ⁠

Didn't get a chance to visit? Stay tuned, there will be lots more #InOurNature events and activities to get involved with in the future.

Man and woman with plant in pop-up shop
Group of young people holding plants
Woman holding plants

Posted on 18th October 2021

by Michelle Robb