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Spot our new wildlife signs across Manchester!

⁠As part of Great Big Green Week, we've put signs up across the City highlighting local Manchester wildlife

⁠Introducing…(drumrolls) your neighbours Wayne the wasp, Herbert the grey heron, Leon the ladybird, Sasha the starling, Daphne the dandelion and Pip the peregrine. They are all native species of Manchester, looking for your attention.

Check out the QR codes on the signs to build Leon a party pad, help Wayne buzz around and record where you've spotted a starling!⁠

Send us a photo of any signs you spot to our social media channel @InOurNaturemcr, we’d love to see them!

Photo of wildlife sign with heron
Photo of wildlife sign with peregrine
Photo of wildlife sign with ladybird

Posted on 10th September 2021

by Lizzie Murray-Clark