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Have your say on Manchester's Climate Change Plans

Share your thoughts on how we can all help to reduce our carbon emissions and what is stopping you from doing more.

The Manchester Climate Change Agency has launched the first stage of a city-wide consultation to learn more about the actions you, residents and communities, are taking to reduce your carbon emissions, and what support you need to do more. This information will inform the city’s new Climate Change Framework and Action Plan 2021-2025 (called Framework 2).

This consultation is in 2 stages - this first questionnaire is live now until 27th September 2021. The second will go live in October - sign up to our mailing list to be notified when it goes live.

There are two questionnaires depending on whether you're an individual or completing it on behalf of your business. Follow the links below to have your say!

  • The survey for residents can be found here.
  • The survey for businesses is available here.

If you want to provide further details , discuss your response or find out more get in touch with

illustration with text and graphics

Posted on 17th September 2021

by Stine Wilhelmsen