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Want to inspire people to take climate action, but not sure where to start or how to talk about environmental topics? Look no further.

We've created lots of downloadable templates, social media content and materials to help you spread the word about In Our Nature and inspire others to take positive climate action. Find it all here.

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How to talk about climate action

Over the coming months we’ll be creating a series of handy guides filled with top tips on how to talk about key themes such as nature, food, fashion, recycling, energy and water, money and more. We're excited to share our first guide which brings together top tips on how to talk about nature and lots of ready-to-share content.

Whether you're part of a Neighbourhood teams, communications team, a community engagement officer or anyone responsible for planning communications and engagement activities, this is the guide for you! Check it out here.

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Posted on 25th August 2021

by Stine Wilhelmsen