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Come to our community garden party in Newton Heath!

On Sunday 22nd of May, we are hosting an afternoon party to celebrate Newton Heath's new community garden!

We're inviting anyone from the local community to come along and get involved in some fun planting activities and games. The party will celebrate Newton Heath’s first community garden, located at Newton Heath cricket club on Mabel Street. We’ve been working with local residents, keen gardeners and the Winning Hearts and Minds team to develop this new green space, and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas of what it will look like and how you want to get involved.

Leaflet with "Come to Newton Heath's In Our Nature Party" alongside bunting and illustrations of people

Growing together in Newton Heath

We’ve been working with residents across Newton Heath to get them growing at home. From small balconies, to vegetable patches and wildlife ponds, together they’ve been able to help each other learn more about gardening and growing, develop their skills and benefit from healthier lifestyles.

Here's what James, a beginner gardener had to say about getting growing for the first time - “We wanted somewhere to grow plants and attract wildlife. It’s great having a team of people that give you the oomph to do it, and the know-how too. You feel like you’ve really achieved something, you’re not just sat in the house. It’s your space and you’re making it better.” - James.

We recently made a little video showcasing how Dave, one of the residents involved, has used his space to encourage his hobby of cooking, which you can find here.

Do you live in Newton Heath and want to get involved?

We’ve created an online space for residents in Newton Heath to share growing tips, gardening progress updates, resources, and skills. Click here to access our Facebook group and join the club!

Posted on 11th May 2022

by Lizzie Murray-Clark